The Forex Market

forex market

What is the Forex or FX Market and How Does it Affect Me?

Money may not bring happiness but we can’t live without it.The foreign exchange market is where that money lives.

Whether you have money in the bank, the stock market, real estate or your mattress, the global currency market has an effect on the value of that capital. The Forex market is the largest asset class in the world, it is estimated that over $4 TRILLION is traded there each 24 hour period.

Join us for an education in how this amazing global market functions and what you need to know…

 Forex Spot and Futures Markets

What is the difference between the spot or cash market versus the futures and why should you care?

Suppose you are thirsty; you walk into a store and purchase water. You pay cash to the person at the register and he gives you water, right now, on the spot. The cash or Spot Forex Market refers to the exchange rate right now. The trade occurs immediately, on the “spot.”

What is the futures market? Suppose you want the same bottle of water but you want it delivered next week. You enter into a contract with the store owner to deliver the water to you at a specific price. Typically the price in the future will be a different price than today.

We could be talking about the value of the US Dollar or the future cost of corn or soybeans, the concept is the same. What will it be worth in the future versus today?

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How Forex Leverage Works

Would you believe Forex traders can allocate 50 times the amount of cash they have in their account to a trade? Fifty. Five-oh.

To give you some perspective, the overnight leverage on your typical stock trading account is 4-1.

This is a gigantic number and in the trading world, leverage is a the proverbial double edge sword. It’s exciting when it works, it’s dangerous when it doesn’t. Wins and losses are magnified dramatically with leverage. Read on to learn how it works in the FX markets…

How You Can Trade Like a hedge Fund in the Forex Market

One of the great advantages of the currency market is that an individual can trade just like a hedge fund.

Sadly, most individuals who attempt to trade Forex either do not know this, or do not realize what a huge edge this creates. To find out more about this opportunity read on…

 What Positions Can You take in the Forex Market?

Have you ever heard on the news; “Today the US Dollar moved higher…” How could you profit from this in the FX market?

As a Forex trader your position can possibly be long, short or flat. So exactly what does this mean and how can it help you earn money?

Why do we use the terms “long” and “short” instead of the terms buy and sell?  How does a long position benefit if the exchange rate rises? How does my short position benefit if the exchange rate falls?

Discover how to understand these core elements of the FX market…