Ed Ponsi Affiliate Program

Earn Commissions by Helping Others Learn to Swing Trade

Ed Ponsi is dedicated to delivering wealth-building opportunities for Swing Traders in both the Forex and Stock Trading communities.

You can offer these opportunities to your professional network or email list and start earning commissions today.

If you’ve worked hard to build an audience and only use ethical business and marketing methods, Ed would like to hear from you today.

As an affiliate of Edponsi.com you can promote and campaign our Premium Annual Memberships, and Swing Trader Mentoring. If you believe your audience will benefit from our products and services we look forward to hearing from you.

Benefits of Joining the Ed Ponsi Affiliate Program

You will earn a commission for each membership, mentoring, live event or course sold through your affiliate link.

There is no cost to join a simple application is all it takes to get started. Once approved by Ed you will have access to the affiliate training center and all of the necessary tools for you to succeed.

Full affiliate support is available to help position you for success. All applicants receive a reply within three business days.

How You Earn Commissions

Once you have earned $100 or more, we pay by Paypal or check. You can let us know which you when you apply. Commissions are paid 60 days after the close of the month in which the referred customer purchased through your affiliate link.

Commission payouts:

Digital products such as annual memberships, audio programs and courses: 25%

Live events and Mentoring: 20%


How can I get my Edponsi.com affiliate question answered? You can send an email to affiliate@edponsi.com or call (551) 655-9630 during normal business hours.

Do you supply me with materials to email my list? Yes! You will find complete email campaigns, affiliate tracking links as well as banners to place on your website

How long do “cookies” stay active with me as the affiliate?  We set the cookies to be active for 120 days. In order for you to receive the credit a prospect will need to make a purchase within that period. All cookies are set on a first click basis. This means if you are designated the referring partner for a new lead, another affiliate cannot become the referring partner for that lead afterwards until the 120 have passed.

What if another affiliate has some of the same leads as me? This is very common. In today’s internet and email driven world many prospects are on various lists. The referring partner who does a good job marketing and gets the prospect to click their affiliate link will be designated the referring partner.

Can commissions be earned with purchases made with my own affiliate link? No. This is not a practice we endorse.

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